what to do on weekends alone
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

What to Do on Weekends Alone

If it’s just you and you want to know what to do on weekends alone, you’re in the right place. Take a peek at these ideas and don’t miss today’s adventure because sometimes the best adventures are the ones we take all alone.

Around Town

Take a Reinvented Walk: If you’re the adventurous type, you’ve probably already taken several walks in your neighborhood. Now’s your chance to try something new. Instead of walking where you’ve always walked, go somewhere you’ve never been before. Instead of hilltop scenery change to a lakefront view. Instead of a city walk, try something in the country instead.

Watch a Game: Chances are where you live there are all kinds of games being played from football to basketball to soccer to pro to amateur to pick up groups. You can probably find more unexpected competitions like pool or cricket or water polo if you really try. Why not catch a game today?

Visit a Museum, Park, or Library: There are also probably several museums, parks, and libraries nearby. Even if you typically frequent one, there is a strong chance that there are some that you’ve never even seen. If you are looking for what to do on weekends alone, any of these could provide a lot of adventure and discovery.


Plant Something: You can do something new in your backyard with some plants. Start or expand a garden. Do a little landscaping either in general or in new areas of your yard. Maybe add a tree or a row of bushes. It’s a great way to make your house into more of your home.

Build Something: There are all kinds of things you can build that make the day more fun from birdhouses to storage sheds. If you want some ideas, why not check out my video with some great ideas for everyone.

Do Something Childish: Who said being a grown up means you have to be a stick in the mud? Why not try something fun that you hadn’t thought of before? Maybe some lawn darts or a hula hoop or maybe even some soap bubbles. After all if you’re looking for what to do on weekends alone, you don’t have to care about what others think.


Cook/Try a New Recipe: If you want to have an inside adventure, why not try cooking? Or if you cook all the time, now’s the time to look up a new recipe and try something with different ingredients. Always a meat eater? Why not try something that doesn’t use any meat or dairy. Always eat American cuisine? Why not try something that is native to another country?

Write a Guest Post/Letter: You may be a reader, but have you tried writing? If you are a writer, why not write for a blog or publication you’ve always admired and submit a guest post. If you’re not a writer, why not give it a try as well. Maybe you would prefer to write a letter. It’s your day; you decide what to write for whom and how.

Draw or Paint: Finally, why not be artistic? You can be creative by drawing or painting or doing some other type of creative expression. Pick a subject, pick a medium, and try it out. If you’re new, there are tons of tutorials on the web. It’s your chance to have fun.

If you want to know what to do on weekends alone, now you have nine options with several varieties. Why not get ready for adventure and try some this weekend?

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