traveling toward adventure
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Traveling Toward Adventure

As I was flying from a long weekend with a pirate, a fitness trainer, and a scientist, I realized It’s a lot easier than you think to be traveling toward adventure.

Space Cadets, Coaches, and Quarterbacks, Oh My

The week was a whirlwind of activity. I hopped on a plane with nearly 100 pounds of gear and headed to warmer climates.

Don’t get my wrong: it wasn’t jungle-warm… it was Chattanooga warm, just an hour or so away from the epicenter of where many of today’s great television of films are shot like The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, and Stranger Things.

I was out of my “jungle” – my studio back in New York – but was on my way to meet up with a wide group of other adventure guides including a space hero, a no-nonsense coach, and a pumped-up quarterback. It was a whirlwind week that started with me traveling toward adventure.

Sneak Peeks, Competitive Mode, and an Insight

I’m happy to say we have a lot in store for AweVenture this year, but I also have something in store for you today: a little insight I picked up on my travels.

You see, I had a good week. It was busy and it was full. We shot enough adventures to carry us through the year and end with well over a dozen adventure guides to choose from in the AweVenture app. We announced our competitive mode which will be great for having a blast with friends, challenging your CrossFit group, or doing a team building exercise with your coworkers. And we’ve almost brought the Android version of the app to the point we can start announcing dates.

But the thing that I noticed in all of it was something I didn’t realize as I was on the plane heading to Chattanooga. I had a schedule; I had a plan. But I didn’t realize I was traveling toward adventure.

Today’s Adventure

When I arrived, between set build up and tear down for all the adventures we shot, between cataloging and organizing props and costumes for every one, between scheduling, and coordinating, and doing all the things it takes to bring you amazing adventures I never really thought about the adventure I was on. But this whole time I had been traveling toward adventure.

I met some amazing actors and amazing people. I worked with a fantastic casting director and heard some wonderful stories. I had the honor of sharing the camera for promos and sneak peeks with these wonderful new adventures guides. I had been planning for a busy week, but wound up in an amazing adventure.

You may be traveling toward adventure right now. You may be focused on all the things you need to do and all the tasks you need to complete. If so, you are someone I can really relate to.

But don’t miss the adventure right in front of you. Don’t work so hard you don’t enjoy the moments that surround you. Don’t get so caught up in the doing you miss out on the fun.

The next time you’re on your way to get a job done, realize that, whether or not you realize it, you’re traveling toward adventure. Make the most of it.

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