time for a little competition
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Time for a Little Competition

Something exciting is just around the corner; it looks like it’s time for a little competition.

Many Flavors of Adventure

Life is full of adventure. Adventures come in all sizes, from having fun in the kitchen to traveling across the ocean, what you get out of life depends a lot on what you put in and what you expect from it.

But it’s also full of all flavors of adventure. Some involve making your own discoveries about the world around you. Some lead others – students, your family, or your friends – on a hunt for adventure.

And then there’s the type of adventure that turns things up: when it’s time for a little competition.

Cooperative vs. Competitive

A lot of what we do in life is cooperative: we work with each other, eat with each other, go to the movies with each other, and – when we’re feeling extra bold – sometimes find ourselves singing with each other. We find a lot of ways to enjoy things together.

One of the best ways to enjoy things together is to compete. There’s nothing like some fun group games or a game out on the field to have a lot of tun together. Sometimes the best way to have fun together is to work against each other when it’s time for a little competition.

Time for a Little Competition

If you want to take your adventures to the next level, find ways to make them a head-to-head bout for fun. It’s not about winning; it’s about pushing yourself. There’s nothing quite like running head-to-head with your competition, staring each other down with a grin from ear to ear as you plow toward the finish line.

There are so many ways to enjoy a good competition, and soon there will be one more: the competitive mode update in AweVenture. Select your adventure, invite your friends, and choose your locations. Leave the rest to us.

You can find a ton of ways to enjoy an adventure with friends. When it’s time for a little competition, you’ll soon have a new way to create an adventure that will take the excitement to the next level.

However you do it, find a great way to have an adventure as you find where your adventure will take you.

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