three things you need for the ultimate scavenger hunt
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Three Things You Need for the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

If you want to have an amazing time with family and friends, try a scavenger hunt. If you want to to make it unforgettable, then add these three things you need for the ultimate scavenger hunt.


Aren’t you sick of doing the same old thing? Sitting at home and doing nothing or even getting out and doing one tired thing after another? Aren’t you ready to get out and do something unforgettable?

The Movies? Done it and seen all the good ones. Dining Out? Is there a restaurant left where you won’t spend too much money just to eat the same meal once again? TV? Ugh.

Why not do something that won’t just fade from memory in a few weeks? Why not do something unforgettable?

Why not get out, have fun, and enjoy a puzzle, adventure, and afternoon with friends all in one? Why not create an unforgettable scavenger hunt.

Here are three things you need for the ultimate scavenger hunt.

Three Things You Need

If you want to have a scavenger hunt for the history books, then you simply want to make sure you have these three things:

  • The Right People: You want to invite people who know how to have fun and will enjoy getting out. After all, the point of a scavenger hunt is to enjoy an exciting event. You want people to join who will have a blast.
  • A Strong Theme: Most people can throw a few clues together, pick some locations, and call it a day. If you want an amazing scavenger hunt, find ways to wrap it around a theme. For instance, you could have a scavenger hunt as a pre-cursor to a new Star Wars movie and have everyone dress up as characters to find items that are specific to the movie.
  • A Well-Timed Plan: Make sure to plan your time well. Are you doing this as a full day event or as a lunch-break activity? Is your time flexible, or do you need to end up somewhere at a specific time?

Turning an event into a scavenger hunt is fun. You can make it a blast if you remember these three things you need for the ultimate scavenger hunt: the right people who will have a great time, a strong theme that makes everything work together, and a well-timed plan to make sure you show up where you need to be when you need to be there.

Once you have it all, then simply get out, have fun, and find where your adventure will take you.

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