Things families do together at home
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Things Families Do Together At Home

Do you enjoy finding fun family places to go, but are looking for something you can do around the house? Done with board games and TV? There are a lot of fun things families do together at home that are much more creative.

Here are three fun ways to enjoy time with family at home.

Creating Together

Have you ever watched an episode of Bob Ross and painted along? Have you ever brought your iPad into the kitchen and followed along with a cooking show? Sure these might be great activities when you’re thinking about what to do on weekends alone, but maybe it’s time to try these activities with the family.

With YouTube, Udemy, Creative Live, MasterClass and more there are all kinds of classes to follow along with. In fact, we have a lot of ideas of our own on our blog or our YouTube channel. Simply find a video that speaks to an activity you want to do, and come up with a plan.

The best part is that creating together makes for both great daytime and nighttime activities, so you don’t have to worry about the weather or time of day.

In addition to creating together, there are more things families do together at home, including volunteering together.

Volunteering Together

There are all kinds of ways that a family can volunteer including helping put together grocery boxes for people in need and doing deliveries. But some activities you can do without even leaving your home.

Volunteer Match has a lot of ways to volunteer virtually including doing video editing for non-profits, teaching English as a second language virtually, or even designing logos. Imagine doing these things together as a family. What a fun way to enjoy a skill and share it with others.

Additionally, Personify has a list of ways you can volunteer from home. Do Something also has a good list of ways you can volunteer virtually. Imagine a world we could create when the things families do together at home include helping others in theirs.

Learning Together

The great thing about the ideas I’ve already listed is that they all can help you improve. You can do something for fun or do something to learn. You can take a lot of these things – painting, cooking, video editing, graphic design – and learn them together.

With so many ways to learn, it has never been easier to learn together. What a great way to spend time together and have fun! Then you can use your new skills to decorate your house, make a meal, and create fun family videos.

There are many things families do together at home. With so many choices, it’s time to pick one,  try it out, and then find where your adventure will take you.

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