the search for Safari Jake
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

The Search for Safari Jake

It’s been a few months and we are still conducting the search for Safari Jake. We might have found a clue.

Missing on Safari

Safari Jake went out on safari a few months ago and we’ve lost contact with him. As he was out on his adventure doing his version of social distancing, we noticed complete radio silence which is so unlike him. In fact, we became very concerned a month ago wondering where he was.

As we were scrambling to find any sign of him, we noticed something. It was something very small, but something nonetheless puzzling. In the search for Safari Jake we found a clue. And it may just be what we needed.

A Simple Clue

Just before Safari Jake went missing, we received an image from him. It was a photo taken, almost haphazardly, as if he was on the run. In fact, it seemed to be just an accidental snap, as if he had inadvertently hit the camera button. We wrote it off.

But once the search for Safari Jake revved up full force, we started reviewing everything. As we looked closer at the photo, we noticed something – something very unexpected.

We saw shadows of other people. 

The Search for Safari Jake

It’s really hard to see anything in the photo, but what we can distinctly see is the shadows of more than one person. We don’t know who they are or what they want or if they have anything to do with his disappearance, but it’s something we didn’t notice before.

We will continue the search for Safari Jake and will take a deeper look into all the information we have. We’re not sure what we will find, but we know that Safari Jake is out there somewhere. We will keep searching until we find him and bring him back home.

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