the one thing a scavenger hunt must have
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

The One Thing A Scavenger Hunt Must Have

Want to create a scavenger hunt that’s the talk of the town? Then don’t forget this one thing a scavenger hunt must have.

Building an Amazing Scavenger Hunt

First things first. If you want to build an unforgettable scavenger hunt, you need to make sure you’re including the basics.

You will need to include these 3 things every scavenger hunt must have. You’ll want to make sure you include the most important part of a scavenger hunt. Plus, if you want to make the ultimate scavenger hunt, you’ll want to follow the guidelines in how to create a scavenger hunt for the ages.

These steps will help you make an amazing scavenger hunt, but only if you include the one thing a scavenger hunt must have. Too often people do all the work of creating a scavenger hunt and forget the most important ingredient.

Just like making cookies without sugar, forgetting this one step may get you something that looks like a scavenger hunt, but it won’t feel like it at all.

The One Thing a Scavenger Hunt Must Have

In order to make a scavenger hunt that people love and talk about for weeks, months, and even years to come, you must include this one thing that seems so obvious, yet people get so wrapped up in planning, they forget it.

The one thing a scavenger hunt must have is fun. It must be exciting. It must be built around enjoying yourself. That’s quite often pretty easy to do with a scavenger hunt and the right people, but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle. Sometimes the planning becomes so overwhelming, people forget to just have fun.

Remember to bake fun, humor, excitement, inside jokes, and entertainment into your scavenger hunt. Make it a blast.

If the thought of planning a scavenger hunt gets you so overwhelmed you find it hard to make it fun, you can always make it easy on yourself and use the AweVenture app. It’s a free download that lets you build a scavenger hunt in less time than it takes to read this blog post. Choose from several video guides for an inexpensive adventure. You can even enjoy a free one week trial on us. Download the app right now to check it out.

Whether you plan your own scavenger hunt or use the AweVenture app, remember to include fun, the one thing a scavenger hunt must have, as you find where your adventure will take you.

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