the most important part of a scavenger hunt
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

The Most Important Part of a Scavenger Hunt

As more and more people enjoy the excitement of a scavenger hunt party, it’s worth thinking about what it takes to make something unforgettable. Sure, you may have read the 3 things every scavenger hunt must have, but do you know the most important part of a scavenger hunt?

Beyond Exciting Ideas

There are so many ways to have fun, it’s impossible to list them all. That doesn’t mean we haven’t taken a shot with adventure ideas for everyone or even just providing periodic options like our recent creative summer ideas post.

But when you start planning events, they go well beyond exciting ideas. You fit all kinds of pieces together to make for a great time with family and friends. It becomes more than something todo; it becomes a party!

That’s what a scavenger hunt feels like: an amazing, interactive party. And that’s exactly why you need to keep the most important part of a scavenger hunt in mind.

Lots to Do; Little to Worry About

A scavenger hunt can have a lot of moving parts. There’s all the people to include either to enjoy the scavenger hunt or to participate as actors. There’s the clues to come up with and the locations to map out. There’s the scheduling, the theme, and various other odds and ends. If you do it all yourself, it can be overwhelming.

Of course that’s exactly why we created the AweVenture app to let you create a scavenger hunt adventure in seconds. With invitations, themed guides, built-in clues, and geo tracking, it’s a snap.

But even if you’re putting all this together yourself, you don’t have to struggle. You just need to remember the most important part of a scavenger hunt, and the rest will fall into place.

The Most Important Part of a Scavenger Hunt

If I had to come up with a definition of a scavenger hunt it would be physically enjoying a mental adventure. After all, it’s the puzzles and games that make the scavenger hunt exciting, while actively participating is what makes it fun.

The most important part of a scavenger hunt is simple: creating a physical adventure solving puzzles. Bringing those two things together – having adventures and solving mental challenges – is what scavenger hunts are all about.

Whether you use the AweVenture app to set it up in a few seconds of free time or you plan out your own amazing adventure, simply remember to make it about enjoying active adventures while solving challenges. It’s the core of what makes scavenger hunts one of the most exciting ways to spend time together.

Check out our AweVenture app to see how easy it is to set up your own scavenger hunt adventure today.

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