Young couple squatting in leaves looking at each other and smiling while the man hands a leaf to a young daughter
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

The Best Fall Family Adventures

Ready to make the most of fall? Here are 3 of the best fall family adventures for you and your family.

A Colorful Drive

One of my favorite things to do in fall has been to drive on the old highways through beautiful autumn corridors where the trees were full of luscious colors and vibrant hues.

The golden yellows, crimson reds, and bright ambers are always such a feast for the eyes, whether driving through the small town of Niota, Tennessee, down the thoroughfare of I-87 in upstate New York, or through the charming villages in Vermont.

A drive through the wonderful change of seasons can make for one of the best fall family adventures.

Enjoying the Harvest

Another way to make the most of the season is to enjoy the harvest. Find a great roadside market and pick up a pumpkin and other great fall edibles to make great holiday decorations and a wonderful seasonal stew.

Check out a local corn maze or other harvest attraction. Enjoy a fun hayride. These are great activities your kids will remember and a great way to enjoy the wonder of the season. After all, most of the best fall family adventures are outside.

Get on Your Feet

If you want to really enjoy the great outdoors and all that fall has to offer, get outside. Take a bike ride on a tree-lined trail or enjoy an exciting hike through the beautiful fall colors. Hear the crunch of the leaves and smell the fragrance of fall as you enjoy a great time with your family.

There’s nothing quite like fall to enjoy the great outdoors and finding a great place to experience it can make it all that much better. You can enjoy the best part of fall as you enjoy the best fall family adventures. You will not believe all the exciting fun you can have and all the great ways you can celebrate the season.

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