summer ideas with friends
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Summer Ideas with Friends

Looking for something fun and exciting to do with the people close to you? Try these simple summer ideas with friends and see how exciting your summer can be.

Park Picnic Potluck

The wonderful thing about summer is that it’s easy to do things and get together. No bundling up from the cold, or worrying about driving through the snow. You can pretty much go anywhere at anytime.

So why not grab some fun outdoor activities like bean bag toss, croquet, or frisbee and head out to the park? Meet up with friends and have everyone bring something to eat. Enjoy a nice potluck picnic and then play some games while enjoying the good weather.

There are other great summer ideas with friends, like enjoying the water.

Enjoying the Water

When we talk about water, many people get different ideas. Some think about enjoying a day out on the lake. Some imagine walking by a river or stream. Others conjure up the idea of a pond full of ducks.

That’s exactly why this is a great idea! It’s so easy to do and there are so many ways to do it.

Pack a lunch, watch the ducks, and fill your Instagram stories with all kinds of great images. Find a local riverwalk and bike, run, or walk while taking in the great view. Grab a raft and just spend some time floating down your local river filling your timeline with all the fun you’re having.

If you prefer dry land, then you will enjoy this last of the summer ideas with friends, out of reach of most of the lakes and rivers.

Take a Hike

One of the best ways to spend summer with friends is on a hike. The canopy of trees can keep you shielded from the summer sun, while you still have a wealth of snappable pics for Snapchat and some great content for TikTok. More important is all the great conversation, fresh air, and fun.

You can take a simple trail near where you live or in a park, or head up to the hills for some great views to take in and share with followers.

You can enjoy these summer ideas with friends all summer long.

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