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Alexandrine Tinne

Alexandrine Tinne

Spice Up Your Summer Holidays with These Fun Activities

Summer calls for fun and adventurous activities. Everyone tries to make the most out of the summer by planning parties and having a great time outside. With so many things going on, people often run out of ideas, but with the AweVenturer summer activities list, you will have more ideas than you may be able to use! 

List of Fun Summer Activities

Even though we love the summer holidays, we can quickly run out of options for activities to keep us busy. 

That is exactly why we have selected some of the best fun-filled activities to keep you entertained throughout the summer. 

Plan a Scavenger Hunt 

Planning a scavenger hunt is the best way to kill boredom during the summer. It keeps everyone entertained for hours without any complicated rules or expensive items. (You can even get our Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Guide for free!)

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show 

Binge-watch the show you have wanted to see for quite some time. Invite some friends over and grab a few snacks to make the most out of this summer. 

Go Camping 

Whether it’s summer or winter, camping is an awesome getaway after a hectic weekend. What can be better than catching up with your friends and laughing over a lame joke from years ago?

Paint Your Heart Away 

Painting is a great activity that is known for sharpening creative skills and relieving stress. It is also suitable for all ages, making it a great summer family activity.


Who doesn’t like to enjoy some fresh air and a little exercise? Hiking boosts your adrenaline and is excellent for mental and physical health. Remember: in warmer weather, it’s wise to try to plan the trip on a cloudy/cooler day to avoid the scorching heat of the sun.

Visit the Amusement Park 

An amusement park radiates fun and adventure. Even though a visit to the amusement park might cost a bit more than other summer activities, there are so many ways to have a blast!

Assemble a Giant Puzzle 

Grab a giant, impossible-to-make puzzle from the nearby store and invite your family and friends to help you assemble it. Get some snacks and drinks to keep them motivated and turn your house into a puzzle-making party place for the day.  

Plan a Beach Trip 

Spending summer without planning a beach trip is like going on vacation and staying inside the hotel at all times. From planning the trip to playing volleyball in the sand or surfing in the water, a beach trip in summer involves all sorts of fun activities. 

Visit the Nearby Library 

When was the last time you visited the library? It can be hard to remember because of the busy lives we lead. However, take some time out from your summer holidays and try to visit the nearby library, pick a book to read or just explore around. 

Get Crafty 

Use the summer holidays to take out the old cartons and get creative with them. Unleash your inner artist and explore DIY options and make use of the trash that has been lying around in your garage for years. 

Final Words 

Nothing can be better than enjoying fun summer activities with family and friends. However, it is crucial that everyone is able to participate in that activity and enjoys it thoroughly. With the fun summer activities listed above, you will never run out of entertaining activity options. 

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