simple productive indoor activities
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Simple, Productive, Indoor Activities

A few weeks ago I gave you some simple and fun activities you can do inside. Now I’m going to show you some simple, productive, indoor activities that you can use when the kids are stuck inside.

Challenging Times

Being cooped up can be difficult, particularly with kids who are bored. That’s why I showed you some fun indoor activities you can do together.

But sometimes there are things that need to be done, and it’s not always easy to get kids to do them whether they are in preschool or high school.

Don’t worry. I’m going to give you three ideas for simple, productive, indoor activities that you can do with your kids no matter their age.

Chores with a Twist

There are always chores that need to get done and getting kids to do them isn’t always easy.

If you want to entice kids to do some chores, try one of these three options.

  • Do the Chores Together: There’s something about working together to get things done that make getting things done so much more appealing.
  • Show Them the Value: Another way to help your kids enjoy their chores is to show them why their chores matter. If they do dishes explain how their actions help keep the family healthy and fed. If they are cleaning the play room, take a before and after shot to show them how much better the room looks when they are done.
  • Give Them Rewards: Another great way to help kids get chores done is to give rewards. Show them how to break down their tasks into small chunks and then let them have little rewards for getting a task done. For instance, instead of cleaning the entire bathroom, maybe they can clean the sink area, then take a 5 minute break playing. Then they can tackle the tub followed by another break.

But doing chores is just one of my simple, productive, indoor activities. Another way is to help others.

Help Others

There are a lot of people that need help whether it’s people that struggle to get outside, people that are unable to take care of their yards, or people that simply need the kindness of strangers.

Even though some may involve being outside, most of this can be done indoors.

For instance, you can make meals inside your home together. Or you can put together special care packages.

You can also brainstorm ways to help people in your neighborhood who need help and connect with others in your neighborhood who can chip in.

Research Project

Finally, if your kids are antsy and looking for a little more substantial idea for simple, productive, indoor activities, why not give them a research project?

This is like the Internet scavenger hunt idea I gave in my Simple, Fun, Indoor Activities post but with a purpose. For this research project, give them a topic that is something that would interest them and drive them to learn more.

For instance, if they are interested in stars or astrophysics, perhaps you can find a well regarded astrophysicist or discovery that they can research to find out more about.

Or if they like art you can have them research some famous museums. You can give them three parameters for their search:

  • Most Important Thing: What is the most important thing this person, discovery, era, etc. brought forward?
  • Why Did It Happen: Why did it happen? Why did this person become what they were, or why was this discovery needed, or why was this so important?
  • What Did You Like Most: And finally, what did you like most about it?

Of course you can make their research follow any of your own search parameters or add a few more.

However you do it, you can have some simple, productive indoor activities by doing chores with a twist, helping others, and creating an internet research project so that even if you’re stuck indoors you can still find where your adventure will take you.

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