simple fun indoor activities
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Simple, Fun, Indoor Activities

If you’re all cooped up and looking for fun things for the kids to do, I’ve got some great ideas for some simple, fun, indoor activities that your kids will enjoy and that will help them be more creative and productive.

Antsy Kids

There are times when the kids are home and you’ve had time to plan and give them things to do. There are other times when it comes out of nowhere and you’re totally unprepared.

Don’t worry. I have some great ideas that are a lot of fun, that will not only give your kids something constructive to do, but are also simple to put together.

Create a Talent Show

Have your kids come up with their own way to do something creative. This could be some art they’ve drawn, a story they’ve written, a play they’re performing, a video they’ve created, or any number of other things.

Have them come up with their creation then present it to you.

You can just do it for fun or you can add awards. Share awards that highlight each child’s accomplishment to give everyone the opportunity to feel special about what they’ve created.

Design a Toy or Invention

If you’re looking for simple, fun, indoor activities, this next one is fantastic: have them design a new toy, gadget, or invention.

You will want to do this differently based on the age of your children. You can use modeling clay, paints, or colored pencils to design a new toy, or you can use computer software to plan out or model something more advanced whether it’s a 3D model, a rendering, or simply a list of features and benefits.

Either way your kids can spend time being creative and doing something fun.

Have an Internet Scavenger Hunt

What list of simple, fun, indoor activities would be complete without an Internet scavenger hunt?

Come up with about a dozen things for your kids to research by doing Internet searches. Any bit of trivia will do. For instance, you could have them look up the state bird of Maine, the first person to go to the South Pole, or the population of New Zealand.

I’ve included 20 ideas at the end of this article. Feel free to use them or come up with your own. 

This is a great way to get kids excited about learning, plus you can make it even more of a game by adding your own twists like giving rewards for the most interesting discoveries.

Simple, Fun, Indoor Activities

Just because your kids are stuck inside doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. Try a talent show, creative design, or an Internet scavenger hunt to make the time more exciting.

And be sure to check back over the next few weeks where I provide activities for adults who are staying indoors and more ideas for kids to be more productive with their free time as well.

For now, enjoy your time with your family as you find where your adventure will take you.

Internet Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • Find the state bird of (state).
  • Find the population of (state/country).
  • Who invented the (invention)?
  • Who is the richest person in (the world/a country)?
  • What was the most watched show ever?
  • What’s the top grossing movie ever?
  • Who ran the fastest mile?
  • What is the best marathon time ever?
  • What is an Ironman?
  • How many plays did Shakespeare write?
  • Who is the most published author?
  • What color can we see the most shades of? Why?
  • What was (Mother Teresa, Carl Sagan, Florence Chadwick, any other person) famous for?
  • What’s the tallest building? How tall is it?
  • How many liters in a gallon?
  • What’s the formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit?
  • Why is the US not on the metric system?
  • How many museums are there in the world?
  • How many constellations are there?
  • What is ghoti?

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