A 3D simulation of Safari Jake at a typewriter with a fake set of safari backdrop items behind him.
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Safari Jake Is Back in Black

Well, It’s been a crazy year or so… being sucked into a trans-dimensional wormhole, surviving zombies and mutant creatures in an alternate reality, and being turned into a three dimensional avatar, but I’m back in black!

That’s black as in ink… in case you were wondering.

My Journey

For those that don’t know what happened to me, I don’t want to rehash it too much because, well, it’s been rehashed several times. So I’ll keep it brief.

I went missing. I was really lost with no form of communication. I stumbled upon what seemed to be… well, zombies. Before I could do anything about it I was sucked into another dimension – a version of our world, but after a giant apocalyptic disaster.

This world is full of the undead and crazy hybrid mutant creatures like flying squids, rabid flying chipmunks, and some kind of yeti creature. I finally found a non-zombified human who helped me. She’s a scientist who has found a way to send information across dimensions – between our worlds.

Sadly, there’s something about the connection that scrambles the information. DoC – the scientist that has been helping me – explains it really well. It’s something about bi-polar anomalies or refracted… yeah; It’s way over my head.

The only thing I know is that we can’t send live video or images… it has to be captured and simulated. Luckily, text works just fine… which is why I’m back in black!

Back in Black

Okay, so this will be on the website, so it won’t be “black” so much as whatever color we use there, but you get the point. I’m writing again.

I want to say a huge thanks to Adventure Ayana who stepped up and took on extra responsibilities to write and keep everyone entertained even over the holidays while I was out of pocket… dimension. Sorry… I’ve been dying to make that joke. Yeah, it’s terrible, but humor here is in short supply so I hope you will forgive me.

Ayana will be moving on to other important work and I will be doing our email, blog, and videos… all the way from wherever out of the world I am!

I look forward to sharing more adventures with you! I hope you have a new year full of adventure as you find out where your adventure will take you.

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