safari Jake is back and we're celebrating
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Safari Jake Is Back, and We’re Celebrating!

Have you heard the news? Safari Jake is back, and we’re celebrating! Well, he’s sort of back.

Maybe I should explain.

Lost and Found

Safari Jake was missing for over a year and recently started communicating with us. (It’s a huge deal; you can read more detail in our post our huge event with prizes for everyone!)

So now he’s found a way to communicate with us and he sent his first communication yesterday. He’s still in a totally different… location? World? Dimension? I don’t know exactly what to call it, but the good news is he appears safe.

That means that Safari Jake is back in our lives, and we’re celebrating. And that means prizes!

Sharing Our Joy

Since our most famous adventure guide and creator of one of our most popular adventures is now found, we want to share our joy with you. How? By giving you a FREE adventure!

For one week only, you can get one free adventure by using the code “JAKEISBACK21”. This code is good until November 19th, 2021.

And if you’re reading this after the 19th, don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered! We’re so excited that we’re giving away another adventure at 60% off through the rest of the year with promo code “STILLHAPPY21”. It will work for you whether or not you’ve used the free adventure.

Don’t forget, you can always sign up to be an AweVenturer. It’s free, and not only do you get a welcome gift of The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Guide, but you get a 30% discount on yet another adventure!

Why are we doing all this? Because Safari Jake is back, and we’re celebrating with a party for Safari Jake with Lots of prizes! We want to share our excitement with everyone! We want this to be an event to remember. So enjoy a fantastic event with your adventures and have a blast as you find where your adventure will take you.

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