making an unforgettable scavenger hunt
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Making an Unforgettable Scavenger Hunt

If you are planning to have an amazing scavenger hunt you will want to follow these three steps for making an unforgettable scavenger hunt.

It doesn’t take much, but following these simple steps can make all the difference between a boring event and an unforgettable scavenger hunt.

Plan Your Setup

The first thing you want to do is plan your setup. It doesn’t take much time, but taking a few minutes before you create your scavenger hunt can make a huge difference in how amazing your scavenger hunt will be. You can make it even quicker by using an app like AweVenture that makes it quick and easy to plan a scavenger hunt.

When making an unforgettable scavenger hunt, plan for these three simple things:

  • Determine Who’s Coming: It’s important to know who will be attending. Is it an event for kids, or something for adults? Is it for a group or for someone special? The people participating in the scavenger hunt will determine a lot of other parts of the event.
  • Figure out the Time: You want to make sure that you know how much time the participants have. You don’t want to plan an event where people have to drop out because they are out of time.
  • Choose your Theme: Make a theme that’s based around any number of things. It could be a concept like space or a shared experience such as the concerts you and the others have attended.

Once you have planned your setup, you’re free to choose your locations.

Choose Your Locations

One of the most important parts of making an unforgettable scavenger hunt is choosing where you want to go, which is why it’s so important to plan your setup first.

Your locations should be important to the people who will be attending, whether it’s someplace they enjoy going, someplace you’ve enjoyed going together, or someplace that has a hidden meaning that you’re wanting to tie together.

If you can, choose locations that taken all together have a special meaning, simply be clever. You might go for cinnamon buns, followed by a drink at the Olde Inn, ending with pizza at the Brick Oven to hint that you have a bun in the oven. Choosing locations this way can make it even more fun to create your clues.

Create Your Clues

The last part of making an unforgettable scavenger hunt is to choose the right clues. You can use an app like AweVenture where everything is pre-built to match the theme, or you can make your own.

If you choose your own, make them fun and at the right level for the audience that will be doing the adventure. The clues should be fun, enjoyable and fit along with what you’re doing.

Whatever you choose, make it fun, and have a blast. If you want more ideas, check out my video on Building an Unforgettable Scavenger Hunt. It has some bonus ideas to make your next scavenger hunt unforgettable.

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