make it fun
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Make it Fun

You don’t have to be bored just because something is boring; instead, make it fun!

Turning Boredom Around

Have you ever been stuck in a boring meeting where someone was hitting you over the head with PowerPoint? As the speaker droned on and on, your eyes became droopier and you could hear pillows calling you from miles away. Some speakers excel at making it boring. If only there were a book to fix that.

While you were bombarded with all the mind-numbing chattering, chances are your mind did something our minds are prone to do: wander. Chances are that your imagination ran wild. You might have thought about a party you were planning to attend this weekend or a trip you would love to take this year. Maybe you were imagining what life would be like if you live in the tropics.

In short, you decided to take a bad situation and make it fun.

Making Life Fun

You can do the same with life. In life we get into the same habitual way of doing things. It makes life more efficient and predictable, but it can also make it monotonous and dull. The good news is we can use the same mental tools we use in a boring meeting to make our lives more exciting.

If you want to take the ordinary and make it fun, here are three simple stepping stones you can use to add that adventure to your life:

  • Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Whenever we’re stuck in a situation that’s boring or dull, our first line of defense is imagination. We think of all kinds of crazy scenarios to take our situation and make it fun. If it can work in a boring meeting, it can work in a humdrum day.
  • Make Time for Adventure: It’s one thing to imagine creative ways to make your life more exciting. It’s another thing to take those ideas and put them into practice. We often look at imagination as great but impractical. We feel like there’s not time for fun. But there are all kinds of ways to make it fun even when you don’t have time for adventure. What’s more, we need to take time for adventure. That’s what makes life exciting and refreshing.
  • Go Again: Once we’ve thought of something exciting to do and made the time to make it happen, what’s to stop us from doing it again in the future? If we could make it fun once, we can make it fun again. Sometimes we need to have adventure one more time.

Make It Fun

We need to take time for fun. We must do what we can to enjoy ourselves.

Sometimes we get stuck in the drudgery of life. We focus on what we need to get done and lose track of making it all worthwhile.

But even being productive and effective requires us to have fun and enjoy ourselves. After all, we’re much more productive when we enjoy what we’re doing.

So take some time today to find adventure. Stop what you’re doing and make time for excitement. You may not always have a choice in what you have to do, but there’s nothing to say you can’t make it fun.

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