make Friday funday
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Make Friday Funday

It’s Friday! Stop thinking about what happened during the week. It’s time to make Friday Funday.

Surviving the Week

Too often we spend our week just surviving. Our only goal is to make it through the week. We count the days and are thrilled when we make it to Wednesday, because we’re halfway there.

There’s a different way to do it, and a different way to look at it, and it all starts when you make Friday Funday.

If you want to make your week exciting, then try this simple trick.

Being a Kid

Do you remember when you had chores to do as a kid? You didn’t look forward to them, but you enjoyed your allowance.

So what did you do? You did the chores begrudgingly using the reward of the money as inspiration to keep you motivated.

Did it work? Sure! You finished your chores. Did you enjoy them? Not at all.

It wasn’t until that one time when you were so excited about something you were ready to buy, that you rushed to do your chores. You were so excited that you turned on some music and sang along. As you swept you danced a little. Let’s face it: you had a blast.

And this is why you need to make Friday Funday.

Make Friday Funday

You can motivate yourself all day long with rewards for surviving, but you’re going to do just that: survive.

If you want to enjoy the week, you need to thrive. Instead of focusing on the reward to make it through the drudgery of work, make work fun.

Find ways to inject excitement and anticipation into the work you do. Here are a few simple ideas (but don’t miss out on coming up with your own):

  • Play Music: Find some music that you absolutely love to make work fun.
  • Make it a Game: Here are some great ways to make work into a game.
  • Invite Others: Want to make it even more fun? Include your coworkers in the fun and games.

You don’t have to just survive the week. You can enjoy it. Make Friday Funday. Who knows, you may end up making the whole week exciting.

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