inviting friends to your scavenger hunt
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Inviting Friends to Your Scavenger Hunt

Having a scavenger hunt is a lot of fun, but if you want to have a blast, you should be inviting friends to your scavenger hunt.

Here’s the right way to have a great time with friends.

Friends Make Things More Fun

Let’s face it: spending time with good friends just makes things more fun. Going to a movie becomes much more exciting when we go with people who really enjoy it as much as we do. Eating at a restaurant is all about the food until you bring good friends along, then it becomes all about the company.

There is just something about doing things with friends that make whatever we do better. A treasure hunt style adventure is a lot of fun, but inviting friends to your scavenger hunt, makes it unforgettable.

The Best Way to Invite Friends

When you create an exciting scavenger hunt for you and your friends, you’ll want to do three special things to really make the event exciting. The best part is that doing them makes everything so much more fun.

  1. Personalize It: When you invite friends, make the scavenger hunt about them. Make the clues specific to something special about them. Choose locations that matter to the group. This not only is a lot of fun, but it makes people feel important and included.
  2. Customize the Invitation: If you’ve planned your scavenger hunt well, you should have a theme. When you invite your friends, make the invitation fit the theme. For instance, for one scavenger hunt I created, the theme was a parody of the show Blues Clues. The  invitation was a giant envelope that when opened played the theme to the show.
  3. Make It Competitive: Now this is optional, but sometimes it’s fun to break into groups and compete against each other. You might be familiar with The Scavenger Vortex episode of Big Bang Theory where everyone broke into teams of two. Just like the competitive mode in the AweVenture app, this allows teams to see who will be first to the finish line.

A Fun Adventure

No matter how you plan your scavenger hunt adventure, you can make it more fun by inviting friends to your scavenger hunt. Simply personalize it by making it about them, customize the invitation so that people are immediately excited even before the event begins, and consider making the event competitive to make it more fun.

A great scavenger hunt is a lot of fun, but doing it with friends can generate excitement you remember for a long time to come.

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