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Adventure Ayana

How to Create a Digital Scavenger Hunt

If you want to create a digital scavenger hunt, you’ve come to the experts! Scavenger hunts are what we do best. Here’s how to make one that’s all digital.

Digital Breadcrumbs

A digital scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to have a fun weekend or simply enjoy a great time any time. Instead of getting out with a classic scavenger hunt or looking for how to create a video scavenger hunt, you can simply create a path of digital clues that lead to a message, a gift, or even an AweVenture.

To make it work, you first need to plan out your digital breadcrumbs. What will you do to take a player from A to Z?

You need to determine how the game starts. Is it an email or a text message? Is it a barcode or a physical item like a piece of mail? What makes the game begin?

Then determine where it ends. Will it be a special message, a physical gift, a promo code? Once you’ve decided what the goal is, then you simply need to map out the path from A to Z. If you start with a QR Code and end with a physical gift, the QR Code could open a web page that triggers an email that opens a chat that sends a text that shows where the gift is.

To do this, you will need delivery options and hidden messages.

Delivery Options and Hidden Messages

You can have a lot of fun with a digital scavenger hunt after you’ve determined how you want it to go. There are all kinds of delivery options to send hidden messages.

For email, it can be as simple as using filter and auto responders in gmail. You can use your own account or create a special one. When people send certain keywords or phrases, you can respond with the the next location of a clue or tell them they missed the mark. If you want to make a bigger game to a larger group, you can look at a product like MailChimp that’s a dedicated emailing service, some plans of which are free.

For texting, you can set up a simple auto responder, or for something more advanced, you can look at SMS auto responder services. There are some inexpensive options that only charge a few cents per message sent, so you can do something very cheaply.

For web messages, you can set up a WordPress blog for free, or simply post clues on Facebook or Twitter.

Once you’ve figured out the path you will send a player through and how you will share messages, the only thing left to do is come up with the hidden messages and set it all up!

Loads of Fun

A digital scavenger hunt is loads of fun.

Just follow these simple steps to make it happen:

  • Determine A to Z: Decide how it starts, where it ends, and the path to get from A to Z
  • Choose Delivery Options: Decide what methods you will use to share messages
  • Create the Messages: Create the secret messages to share

Creating messages is such fun too! Hiding little clues and puzzles makes it even more fun.

You can have a blast creating a digital scavenger hunt by determining how it starts and how it ends, figuring out the path to get there and the options to use, and creating fun and exciting messages along the way.

And you can always make the end result an amazing AweVenture scavenger hunt, blending a digital adventure and a fun adventure together when you find where your adventure will take you.

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