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Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Get Ready for Adventure (Upcoming App Info)

Don’t sit there waiting; get ready for adventure! Life is full of excitement and I have a few surprises for you as well.

Grateful and Thrilled

The last couple weeks have been amazing. We’ve not only had a great deal of interest and activity in the AweVenture app, we’ve had a lot of questions about other possibilities and platforms.

I have some exciting information to share, but first, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your interest, your kind words, and for jumping in and trying out this exciting new way to have fun with family and friends.

If you haven’t already jumped in, it’s time to get ready for adventure. I have two important things to share with you and one idea that will make your weekend more exciting.

Two Important Topics (Including Android)

First of all, I hope you’re enjoying the adventures that we’ve put together. We choose adventures that are open to all ages. Not only did we want to make it easy to set up a custom adventure for a day out with the kids or fun with friends, we wanted it to be available to everyone.

But we have something coming especially for those of you who are looking for a more grown up experience that’s a bit more challenging and a lot of fun. We’ll be throwing out hints and information here, on our sister blog WowfulLiving, on YouTube, and on Instagram. If you haven’t already signed up for our free eBook, be sure to subscribe now to be one of the first to hear.

Secondly, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about Android. I’m happy to say we are working hard on the Android version. We are excited about bringing all the excitement and fun of AweVenture onto Android and making it available as soon as possible. We don’t yet have a timeline, but our team is hard at work to get it ready and polished.

In the meantime if you know someone who has the app or you have it yourself, we are running a limited time special for discounted adventure tokens. Plus, we are giving a free token to everyone who downloads it. Instead of a pricey trip to the movies or an expensive trip to a water park, you can have an afternoon of fun without breaking the bank.

And if you want other ideas for the weekend, get ready for adventure, because this one’s a blast.

Get Ready for Adventure

The app makes it a snap to plan a whole afternoon of fun, but you don’t have to have the app to have fun or have an adventure. You can enjoy simple activities in your own living room.

Here’s an excerpt from 101 Adventure Ideas and Adventurous Things to Do:

Sometimes the best adventures lie in the absurd. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to have some fun, go for the bizarre. 

When we go to the store and pick out a fun game to play, we often look at the ones that are the most expected. We pick up the games we know or look for games that look familiar. What if instead we looked for the games that seemed the most outlandish? In fact you could make a whole night of it. 

Pick up some snacks that seem out of the ordinary (being careful of course to get something that won’t cause any dietary problems). Get some crazy drinking glasses or clean up some old mason jars. Maybe even have a snack bowl filled with fruit loops instead of chips. Find fun ways to turn an ordinary game night into crazy fun. 

Make a game night that’s meant to be bizarre. Choose thrift store games no one’s ever heard of and snacks that just don’t seem to make sense. Turn the night on its head. In fact, you can try to do it as cheaply as possible. If you try hard, you might even be able to make it cheaper than a custom AweVenture.

Whether you’re excited about upcoming fun-focused updates with friends, Android releases, or just an exciting weekend, get ready for adventure and enjoy where your adventure will take you.

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