Fun Family Places to Go
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Fun Family Places to Go

If you want to have a great time with the the kids and are looking for fun family places to go, including daytime and nighttime activities, here are some ideas you don’t want to miss.

The Same but Different

Sometimes we look for fun family places to go because we’re sick of the ordinary. We’ve been there, done that. We’re over it.

But sometimes it’s not the fact that we’re doing the same thing that’s the problem. Sometimes it’s the fact that we’re doing everything the same. Sometimes the best way to make something fun is to make it different.

Need to go to the grocery store with the kids? Turn it into a race or a scavenger hunt. Have them find the items on the list and earn a secret treasure for completing it.

Done with going to the park? Why not walk around your neighborhood? Look for different types of trees, birds, or other animals. Look up what you find on your phone. Turn it into a learning adventure.

You can turn all kinds of places into fun family places to go, even if it’s your own home.

A Run for Supplies

Sometimes home can be boring just because it’s… well… home. It’s the place you always are.

Sure there are lots of fun family places to go, but sometimes one of the best places is right where you are. Come up with a good craft project to do together. Make a run for supplies and make it a game. Come home to snacks, and fun, and excitement.

You can even make it more exciting by having someone stay behind and add a little decorating. Bring a few potted plants in for a jungle theme, or bring a bunch of stuff animals into the room for an animal theme. Sometimes the best fun is right under our noses.

A Daisy Chain of Fun

There are days you want to look for what to do on weekends alone, and days you want to have a blast with the family. If you want to get out and find some fun family places to go, sometimes the best approach is simply to try several. Create a nice list of a few places to stop by: the park, batting cages, go karts, and maybe a stop for a nice treat on the way back.

Of course, you can make it a scavenger hunt and try to find clues at each location. You can read our guide on how to create a digital scavenger hunt, or you can even use our highly-rated app, AweVenture to create your own scavenger hunt adventure in seconds where you choose the places to go and the video guide who will lead you there.

There are all kinds of fun family places to go, no matter where you are. Sometimes you just have to start with creativity to find where your adventure will take you.

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