find your adventure holidays
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Find Your Adventure Holidays

Looking to enjoy some adventure holidays? By the end of this post you will have three different ways to make it happen.

Stuck In a Rut

Winters can be brutal. I remember one year where the snowfall was heavy and I was all but stuck in the house for weeks on end. Going somewhere meant driving in a fogged up car, freezing the first half of the trip, and fighting with the seat belt to take off my coat the second half. Staying in meant seeing the same thing day after day. How I longed for some adventure holidays back then.

But during that time I found new ways to add a little adventure away from the stress and have a holiday of fun and excitement. It wasn’t challenging, wasn’t months of planning, and didn’t require a second mortgage to afford. In fact, it was as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Three Easy Steps

The biggest struggle people have with adventure holidays is they look to have big vacations to get away from it all. All the planning, expense, packing, and travel can add more stress than it takes away. If you’re looking for some easy ways to use little adventure holidays to have fun and make the stress melt away, try these three steps instead.

  1. Ask Why: Many people focus on a solution before they know the problem. They decide what they want to do before they know why they want to do it. They plan a vacation to reduce stress, but they don’t understand why they are stressed or how a vacation could help. Instead of jumping into a solution, why not find out the problem first? Why do you want an adventure holiday? What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe you don’t need a big trip. Maybe you just need a day at the library or a nice walk.
  2. Add Some How: Another thing that trips people up is that they only see what’s stopping them instead of their goal. “I can’t go out to eat. I don’t have the money.” When they decided what to do they ask themselves, “can I get a special meal?” and stop there. The answer is simply a “yes” or “no”. Instead, they should add a little how “How can I get a special meal?” This changes the question from a roadblock to a wealth of possibilities. Think of all the options that are there!
  3. Do It: If you want to take part in your adventure holidays, just take a chance and do it! So many people can get past the problem to know the solution and can find alternate ways to get what they want, but then stop short of actually doing it. Get out there. Meet with people. Try the little adventures. Have fun. Take a chance and do it!

Your Adventure

Life is an adventure. You have all kinds of options to take holiday adventures throughout the year. They don’t have to be big, grand adventures. They can be the simple ones that you take every day. I’m sure there are all kinds of adventures you can think of. Add your ideas in the comments below. Then enjoy yourself and find where your adventure will take you.

For more ideas on adding adventure to your life, visit our YouTube channel. Go there now to check it out.

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