Life is full of excitement and fun! We want to give people like you the ideas, tools, and inspiration to make the most of it. Through our blog, website, videos, and app, we inspire people just like you to find the adventure available in daily life and have a blast!

There are many ways to find us and enjoy a life full of fun and excitement. You can visit our blog for weekly ideas and inspiration. You can visit our YouTube channel for new things to try to add adventure to your life and for other inspirational videos. You can catch us on Facebook and Instagram, and you can follow our production company Cedowin Production on Instagram to see exciting behind the scenes footage from new adventures that we’re working on.

The best way to find more AweVenture would be in the app. It includes our most recent YouTube videos and our most recent blog posts right on the home page. It also includes daily challenges only available in the app.

We post new videos on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. We post new blog posts each Friday. Additionally we post other photos, videos, and more on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms frequently.

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Absolutely! You can join our Facebook Group to find other people who want to enjoy life as much as you do. It’s brand new so you can be one of the first to join and become an influencer who helps other, newer AweVenturers find the best way forward.

App General

The AweVenture app is a convenient way to find inspiration and ideas to make your life more adventurous, active, and connected with videos, articles, and daily challenges. Additionally, you can create your own customized adventures to experience a new way to enjoy parties, get togethers, and other events with family and friends.

The app is currently available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store. We are working on an Android version.

The app is a free download that includes access to our most recent videos and articles as well as our daily challenges. In addition you can create your own customized, video-guided, scavenger-hunt style adventures for an afternoon of fun for less than the average family activity.

At launch, AweVenture will be available for iOS. We are already working to make it available for Android later this year.

App Adventures

The app is for everyone who wants a life that’s fun and exciting. The videos, articles, and daily challenges can help everyone live a more adventurous and enjoyable life.

At launch, the customizable, video-guided adventures will be focused on family fun, but can be used by anyone. For adults that want to have a more competitive experience, we have a competitive update scheduled for Summer 2019 that will include adventures specifically tailored to people that want to enjoy something more challenging.

If you have an upcoming event you want to make more exciting – a party, get-together, or just an errand run you need to bring the kids along for – you can create a customized event. You select one of our video adventure guides, such as a secret agent, ninja, or princess, invite anyone you would like to join, and choose the places you want to go.

You can find more information in our overview video and in our how to shorts.

Absolutely! It takes only a few seconds to invite friends and family to join. They can accept the invitation, download the app, and follow along on their own devices.

We will have five adventures available at launch: a secret agent trying to stop an art thief, a cowgirl working to round up her horses, a ninja on a secret mission to deliver a package, a princess hoping to bring happiness to her people, and our own Safari Jake looking to uncover a priceless artifact.

Absolutely! We already have three adventures shot for our competitive update: a triathlon trainer trying to whip you into shape, a drill sergeant who will turn you into real recruits whether you like it or not, and a hiking guide who wants to get you out into the fresh air.

Additionally, we have many new adventures in the works to be released throughout the year.

Expand Your Adventure

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