enjoy an adventure party
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Enjoy an Adventure Party

Start the new year out with a blast and enjoy an adventure party. It won’t take much to plan and it will make the shorter days more enjoyable.

Forget the Old, Boring Parties

The winter months can get long. It can be a challenge to keep our spirits up and even stay warm. It’s one of the reasons winter has been traditionally filled with parties, particularly around the holidays.

But as the new year dawns and adventure is right in front of us, why not forget the same old party and enjoy an adventure party instead? It can make the days more exciting and give us a whole lot to enjoy.

It only takes a few simple steps.

Planning an Adventure Party

Although the AweVenture app for planning adventure parties hasn’t yet been released, you can still enjoy an adventure party today without a lot of work. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Come up with a Theme: What should the adventure be about? What problem is everyone trying to solve? Is there a criminal to capture, a treasure to locate, or a puzzle to solve?
  2. Figure out what’s Needed: If you have a criminal to capture, you will need to make up clues, choose a criminal, and define the crime. If you have a treasure to locate, you will need a backstory, clues, and possibly a great costume. Put the pieces into place to make this an exciting adventure!
  3. Plan out the Party: The rest is just a normal party. Plan the food and drinks, put together the invite list, and select a date.

These plans are even easier if you work with a friend or two. The more people you get excited about the party, the more opportunity there is to uncover something exciting.

You can enjoy an adventure party to really make the New Year start out with a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much time and it can set the tone for a wonderful year.

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