enjoy a little competition
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Enjoy a Little Competition

If you love to get out and have fun, why not enjoy a little competition?

Games, Sports, and More

We love competition! There are so many ways we can enjoy a little competition. There are board games and card games and more. There are sports on bikes, on the pavement, on the grass and in the water. 

We love competition so much we even wear watches that constantly tell us to move to do better than we did yesterday.

A New Level of Adventure

If you want to add fun and excitement to your life, why not enjoy a little competition? It’s a great way to take an adventure and fill it with adrenaline!

It doesn’t have to be a football game or a game of croquet. Be creative! Make it so that someone has to be the first to figure out the clues to decide where you’re going to meet. Or have an afternoon picnic full of simple yard games to play for the ultimate title of “backyard adventurer”!

Or take it up a notch.

Next Level Competition

If you really want to enjoy a little competition, why not take the competition up to a higher level. Instead of a simple event with a little competition, you can have a competitive event full of all kinds of challenges.

You can have a leaderboard made out of poster board and enlarged, cutout emojis that represent each team. You can have a battery of challenges that each team must face including crazy events like a three legged race or hardcore events like rock climbing or racing. You can make a day of it or just an afternoon.

It’s up to you, and with spring turning into summer it’s a great time to enjoy a little competition and find where your adventure will take you.

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