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Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Enjoy a Halloween to Remember

So it’s almost Halloween and you want make it a time you and your family won’t soon forget. It’s easy to enjoy a Halloween to remember.

Here’s how.

A Memorable Halloween

The thing about Halloween is that it happens every year. That means that each new Halloween tries to crowd out the memories of the last one. So how do you make the memories stick?

There are two things that cause us to remember events: uniqueness and heightened emotions. Doing the same thing every year makes things blend together as does monotony and boredom. The way to make things memorable is to make them stand out and super-charge the emotional experience.

Sure, Halloween is a great time to make things scary, which will definitely heighten the emotional experience. If that’s the avenue you want to go down, more power to you. However, if you just want to make it fun and exciting, then surprises, laughter, and anticipation will be the emotional connection you’ll want to focus on.

Enjoy a Halloween to remember by coming up with activities that focus on uniqueness and excitement.

Making Halloween Memorable

The first thing to do is to change things up. It’s hard to make something memorable when it’s the same old thing.

Instead, do something you don’t typically do like these fun fall family adventures or a huge event. Go somewhere you don’t usually go. Plan an activity that’s outside your normal plans for Halloween, like planning a spooky scavenger hunt adventure.

Then, add excitement to it by building anticipation for the activities. Add surprises, such as what activities you’ll be doing or special hidden rewards or clues that lead to the next activities. Add humor and fun to include an extra level of excitement.

These are the simple ways to make an event memorable so you can enjoy a Halloween to remember. Now how are you going to spend your Halloween?

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