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Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Creating the Best Scavenger Hunt List

At AweVenture we love scavenger hunts; if you want to create a great scavenger hunt, you need to start with the best scavenger hunt list.

Here are a few ways to make sure that the locations and items on your list are going to be loads of fun.

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Scavenger hunts are a blast! They’re a great way to have fun with friends, enjoy a team-building game with coworkers, or plan an exciting party for kids. They are not only fun, but they focus on teamwork, problem solving, and active entertainment.

There are many ways to enjoy a scavenger hunt, whether you build your own or start with one that’s prepackaged. Regardless of how you do it, you will want to decide on your scavenger hunt list.

Creating the Best Scavenger Hunt List

A scavenger hunt needs things to look for, places to go, clues to solve, or all of the above. If you want to want to have an exciting scavenger hunt, simply try these simple guidelines:

  1. Come up with good clues. The best scavenger hunts have great clues. If you’re working with an app like AweVenture that does all the hard work for you, this may already be taken care of. If you’re creating your own, simply remember three things:
    1. Make your clues fit your audience. You don’t want difficult clues for young kids or easy clues for your work’s team-building games.
    2. Match your theme. If your scavenger hunt is about science, choose science-related clues. If it’s about hiking, choose hiking related clues.
    3. Plan your time. You don’t want long, drawn out clues when you only have 30 minutes. Conversely, you don’t want the entire event over in 15 minutes when you have two hours to fill.
  2. Choose good locations. Many prepackaged scavenger hunts like AweVenture let you customize your locations. If you’re creating your own or working with one of these customizable adventures, choose locations that match the tone and feel of the event. Is it a birthday party? Go somewhere for cake. Is it a fun evening with your significant other? Hit a few of your memorable spots.
  3. Add fun “treasures”. To create the best scavenger hunt list, add some great treasures at each location. Make it something that fits the mood and the theme of the event.

An Exciting Event

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy a good scavenger hunt. You can have them with family and friends or you can enjoy them with coworkers or other people in your club. You can have them in a single place or make it an event all over town. Whatever you decide, the key is to have a great list for your scavenger hunt.

When you’re looking to create the best scavenger hunt list of items, clues, and locations. Just remember to dream up good clues that fit your audience, theme, and time, choose locations that are not only fun but work well with the tone of your event, and add “treasures” to make each step more exciting.

Whether you’re working with an app like AweVenture that makes it easy to build a customized scavenger hunt in seconds, or you’re taking some time off to build your own scavenger hunt from scratch, use these simple ideas to make an exciting event and create the best scavenger hunt list for a memorable experience.

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