choosing great scavenger hunt locations
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Choosing Great Scavenger Hunt Locations

If you want to have a great afternoon with friends or a fantastic event that people will remember, a scavenger hunt is the way to go. Choosing great scavenger hunt locations is a crucial part of making the event memorable.

Here’s three methods you can use to choose the best locations.

Follow a Theme

Sometimes it’s fun to follow a theme. It’s really easy to come up with a theme when you know who’s going and the purpose. If it’s a date, the theme could be the ocean. You could start out with a beach themed restaurant, make a stop for some quick umbrella drinks, and then find a sandy spot by the local lake with lawn chairs and a cool breeze.

If it’s something with friends, you could do a Star Wars theme starting with laser tag, then the latest Star Wars movie, ending with dinner out under the stars. When choosing great scavenger hunt locations, following a theme is a great way to go. 

Connect the Dots

Another option you might try is doing something that makes a connection to the specific background of your group. For instance, do you always like a particular hangout? Is there a particular place you each met? Is there a favorite meal everyone loves to share? Pick the places that mean something special to everyone there.

You might also make it about the spaces in-between. For instance, you may travel to an overlook between locations that takes a wide view of several places you know are special. You can also make sure everyone pays attention to special points of interest along the way. Connecting the places you go to past experiences is a fantastic way of choosing great scavenger hunt locations, but one of the best ways is simply to make it fun.

Do Something Fun

Do you want to have a nice meal, then a game of miniature golf, then go out for ice cream? That may be the best way to choose where you go. Or maybe you want to do some go kart racing followed by laser tag and then snacks. There are all kinds of combos that are easy to set up when you make it about the fun.

You can use an app like AweVenture to quickly and easily plan out a course or you can simply take the time to create a scavenger hunt list and do it yourself. Whatever you do, you can enjoy the day by choosing great scavenger hunt locations either by following a theme, connecting locations to previous experiences, or looking for something fun. Then go out and have a blast.

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