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recovering Safari Jake

Recovering Safari Jake

By now you know what we all know – Safari Jake is trapped in some alternate dimension. Who could have suspected that post-apocalyptic zombies from

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they're here

They’re Here!

Safari Jake told us they were coming. If we only knew what he was talking about. If we only had time to prepare. If we

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Safari Jake is alive

Safari Jake Is Alive!

Safari Jake Is Alive! We just received a video from Safari Jake! It’s both fantastic, and, somewhat unsettling news. An Unexpected Transmission The other day

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the search for Safari Jake
Scavenger Hunt

The Search for Safari Jake

It’s been a few months and we are still conducting the search for Safari Jake. We might have found a clue. Missing on Safari Safari

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Where Is Safari Jake

Where Is Safari Jake?

It all started so simply. Everything was fine. Then it happened, and I’m not sure… I’m not sure how to say this: we were in

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