Low cost adventures

Low Cost Adventures

Last week I talked about enjoying adventure for free. This week I have some ideas for some low cost adventures that can make your life

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Adventure for free

Adventure for Free

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to climb Mount Everest, take a family vacation, or sail around the world. You can have an

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spread your wings

Spread Your Wings

NOTE: This, along with a few other entries, was written by Safari Jake before he went missing. While the search continues, please be inspired by

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do something good today

Do Something Good Today

If you’re looking for adventure, one of the greatest adventures you can ever undertake is to do something good today. The Biggest Adventure You Will

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helping while you wait

Helping While You Wait

Safari Jake is still missing, but I’m sure he’s okay. I only know that he would want to support everyone calling for justice. That’s what

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Where Is Safari Jake

Where Is Safari Jake?

It all started so simply. Everything was fine. Then it happened, and I’m not sure… I’m not sure how to say this: we were in

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a simple adventure

A Simple Adventure

This weekend enjoy a simple adventure. Here are some ideas. Out of the Rut Often we get stuck in a rut and keep doing the

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5 adventurous things to do

Expand Your Adventure

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