bigger bolder adventures
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Bigger, Bolder Adventures

Buckle up and hang tight because I’m bringing you bigger, bolder adventures!

New, New, New

I hope you’re ready to have some adventure, because I’m about to amp adventure up! In just a few short weeks there will be some major changes here to make it easy to get ideas for adventure holidays, adventure parties, and life adventures and have bigger, bolder adventures.

Within the next few weeks I will have the AweVenture site up and running. It will include easy access to my bi-monthly YouTube videos to find new adventure ideas without leaving the site. It will include the AweVenture blog full of adventure ideas right here instead of on the company site Cedowin Productions.

Additionally, I’ll have a new eBook available for free: 101 Adventure Ideas and Adventurous Things to Do. And when you sign up for the book you will receive bigger, bolder adventures in your inbox sharing ideas with you on how you can make every day an adventure!

But Wait, There’s More

New videos, native blog, free eBook, and adventure ideas sent directly to you: but that’s not all. The biggest, boldest adventure yet is still coming soon: The AweVenture app.

Get access to videos, the blog, adventure ideas, and daily challenges all for free, and it will include a fun new way to have bigger, bolder adventures with friends and family, all in the palm of your hands. What’s more, the app is free, and the video-guided, interactive adventures will be an affordable alternative to another couple hours wasted on a bad movie with stale popcorn.

Are you ready for some bigger, bolder adventures? Then buckle up and hang tight because I’ve amped this thing up to 11 and we’re ready to show you hundreds of ways to make your life more exciting and help you find where your adventure will take you. 

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