time for a pirate adventure
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Arrr… It Be Time for a Pirate Adventure!

If you’re looking for a way to make your day more exciting, then maybe it’s time for a pirate adventure.

Swab the decks and hoist the mainsail. It’s time for adventure!

I Mean, Why Not?

In my upcoming video on Fun Adventure Games I wear an eye patch and often talked like a pirate. Why? Why not!

Life is short. If you want to add adventure in your life, the question shouldn’t be “Why should I do this?” but “why shouldn’t I?” How often do we want to do something but don’t because we’re worried about things that don’t matter? How is that living a life of adventure?

Have fun! Life’s and adventure, and right now it’s time for a pirate adventure!

Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Which is it? Do you want to life today as an ordinary day that’s just like the one before it and the one before it so that years from now you won’t even remember you ever lived it? Or do you want today to stand out as one of the exciting days where you had a blast.

After all, there’s so many ways to up the ante when it’s time for a pirate adventure.

You can brush up on your pirate speak. You can use a pirate translator. You can get yourself a bandana and an eye patch. You can shiver your timbers and batten down the hatches. You can get a group of friends to join you and together you can plunder a local pub and make everyone wonder what be going on (and how in the world can they get in on the fun!)

You can just have fun. You can make today a fun way to enjoy the day and do something you will remember and enjoy.

Don’t you think it’s time for a pirate adventure?

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