an even more amazing adventure
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

An Even More Amazing Adventure

If you’ve enjoyed an exciting scavenger hunt adventure with the AweVenture app, get ready for an even more amazing adventure. In less than two months time we’ve made the experience easier, quicker, and a lot more fun!

Exciting Scavenger Hunt Adventures

If you haven’t yet tried AweVenture, you’re missing out! Scavenger hunt adventures are such an exciting way to enjoy an afternoon with friends and family.

Forget the same old boring day on the couch or scratching your head looking for something to do. With just a few taps you can have a fun adventure led by one of nearly a dozen video adventure guides taking you were you want to go.

Working together to solve clues and find hidden virtual items along the way makes the event that much more active and interactive. What’s more, new customers will enjoy a free trial to see what the excitement is all about, and you can have an even more amazing adventure with our new features.

Amazing New Features

Hot on the heels of a huge update at the end of October, we’re about to release another feature-packed update will all kinds of exciting new features. Between the two of them we have ten major features and over five dozen fixes and enhancements!

For instance, we’ve made it even easier to start an adventure with a step-by-step wizard to lead you through the process. We’ve made lots of pricing changes with clearer pricing, lower prices, and two pricing options: token-based purchases that let you keep your adventures and subscription-based purchases that let you make new adventures each month.

We’ve also revamped the app to be centered around your adventures while still providing amazing ideas for your own scavenger hunt adventures with articles and videos that are completely free, just like the download. Plus we’ve made the videos for the events you create automatically download for quicker, more responsive adventures.

We added promo codes, notifications for events like people accepting your invitation, faster loading, and a slew of performance enhancements, and bug fixes. In less than two months we’ve made AweVenture an even more amazing scavenger hunt app.

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