an adventure in rejection
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

An Adventure in Rejection

If you want to have a fun and exciting life, sometimes you have to take risks. Although we know that, the idea can seem scary, which is exactly why we might need an adventure in rejection.

Are you ready to have a little fun?

Sales Calls and Hearing No

They say the best way to make it in sales is to keep hearing the word “no”. The more “no”s that you hear, the closer you are to a “yes”. Every no gets you closer to success.

But hearing no sucks. It’s no fun. Who wants to call someone or go to someone’s office and hear them tell you that they don’t like your product, your approach, your company, or anything else.

Well, people that find an adventure in rejection, that’s who. It’s part of a movement that people put a name to: Rejection Therapy.

Rejection Therapy

The idea of rejection therapy is simple: stop focusing on success and start looking for rejection. Make it a game. You can even make it a daily goal to get rejected at least once each day.

Why? Because often the only thing keeping us from success is making the ask. That person that you wanted to ask out for coffee… why not just make the ask? If they say no, you’re off the hook for the rest of the day, but what if they say yes?

That friend you wanted to talk you up for a job, why not give them a jingle? That old boss you wanted to invest in your idea… why not call them?

Make today an adventure in rejection. Give it a shot. If it scares you, start small. If you make rejection a game, you may find that rejection isn’t as bad as you think and taking the risk made your life a lot better than you ever expected.

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