an adventure in helping others
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

An Adventure in Helping Others

Life is full of adventures just waiting to be had so why not make today’s adventure an adventure in helping others?

A Full Helping of Adventure

There is nothing quite like helping others. There are many ways it improves our day, our lives, and our world.

Donating food and clothes can help people make it through a challenging time in their lives. Donating time can help us share our skills with others to help them become more stable and self-sufficient. Donating our effort can help to build houses, clean living areas, or do other things to help those who are unable.

There are also other ways we can help people. We can help people who often go unheard to be heard. We can help people who are often misjudged to be seen as they truly are. We can help people who have been saddled with undeserved judgement to be shown value and faith so that they can get beyond any prejudice some may have against them.

Most of us want to help others. We often see something inspirational said by people like Martin Luther King Jr. and feel inspired to make a change. The next time that happens to you, instead of simply looking over quotes about helping others, why not live it and add that much more adventure to your life? What could make life feel more full than finding fulfillment in seeing others reach their potential?

An Adventure in Helping Others

If you’re looking to add some adventure into your week, why not have an adventure in helping others? Why not find new ways to brighten someone else’s day? Why not make a difference in your world?

It can be small, like giving someone a smile, holding a door for someone, or buying the coffee of the person behind you in line.

Or it could be bigger, like gaining a new understanding of what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes or supporting someone who is struggling with a problem. It could be helping to give a voice to those that struggle with being heard. It could be standing beside those who are knocked down. It could be simply being an ally to those who are needing one.

This week, why not have an adventure in helping others? You may find you want to make it a permanent way to live.

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