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Having a Blast with a Purpose

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Do you want your kids to do something meaningful and exciting while building memories that will last longer than the toys and games that litter the house? Are you ready to make memories that last? Are you ready to feel the joy of seeing your kid’s eyes light up while doing something active and interactive?

Avoid birthdays and other events that are soon forgotten. Enjoy an AweVenture for memories that last!

The Fun of AweVenture

Before downloading AweVenture I struggled with ways to connect with my teen and preteen sons. They are active and into video games, and I am video game challenged. As a mother who wants the best for her kids I also want them to  enjoy spending time together instead of spending play time fighting.

Now, with AweVenture, we can all play together. Not only are we entertained with videos, but the hunt created an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual excitement. My sons will now ask me to play instead of me continuously seeking ways to connect.

It has given us options as a family to hang out beyond the occasional card game or boring movie night. I have even used it during church youth group game nights!

Laurenda – Missouri

AweVenture Mom

Start Making Memories

Now’s your chance to start making memories. First, download the app. It’s a free download. It’s chock full of great articles and videos that give you amazing ideas for connecting with your kids and giving them creative, active, and interactive ways to enjoy being kids.

Next, give the scavenger hunt adventures a try. The first one is on us. Decide who your guide is, where you want to go, and who you want to invite. It can be a party or it can just be you and your kids.

Finally, sign up to hear all kinds of great ideas before we share them with anyone else. Check out all the exciting things you get just for signing up.

AweVenture signup gifts including updates, a discount, a guide, a book, and a Zombie Goals in game item

It’s time to start making some new memories. It’s time to show the kids how exciting getting out and having fun can be. It’s time for AweVenture.


What is AweVenture?

Life is full of excitement and fun! Through our customizable scavenger hunt app, blog, website, and videos, we give you the ideas, tools, and inspiration to make the most of it.

Where can I find more AweVenture?

There are many ways to find us and enjoy a life full of fun and excitement. You can visit our blog or YouTube channel for ideas and inspiration. We’re also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The best way to find more AweVenture would be in the AweVenture app. Besides being the best way to create an unforgettable scavenger hunt quickly, it includes our most recent YouTube videos and blog posts right within the app.

What is the AweVenture app?

The AweVenture app is a fantastic way to create an amazing scavenger hunt event in seconds that your kids will talk for years to come. Create your own customized scavenger hunt adventure led by a virtual adventure guide and experience a new way to enjoy parties, get togethers, and other events with family and friends. Additionally, you can find inspiration to make your life more adventurous, active, and connected with videos and articles.

Where can I find the app?

The app is currently available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store. We are working on an Android version.

Does the app cost money?

The app is a free download that includes access to our most recent videos and articles. In addition, you can create your first customized, virtual host-guided, scavenger-hunt style adventure with a free trial. You can create additional competitive or family adventures that allow you to enjoy an afternoon of fun for much less than the average group activity. What’s more, when you sign up for exciting news and updates, you get a promo code for 30% off a future adventure!

Are there other payment options?

We also offer subscriptions that allow you to create, run and rerun a select number of events for a low monthly price. We also offer yearly options to save you even more money.

What phones does AweVenture support?

AweVenture is currently available for iOS. We are working on the Android version. To get up to date information on the status of the Android version, sign up for free updates.

Who is the app for?

The app is for people who want a more exciting way to spend time with family or friends. The videos and articles provide a lot of great insights and ideas to create your own adventures.

More importantly, we have two types of customizable, video-guided, scavenger hunt adventures. Our family adventures are focused on family fun, but can be used by anyone. For those that want to have a more competitive experience, we have competitive adventures specifically tailored to people that want to enjoy something more challenging to compete in teams to see who can finish the adventure first.

How do the adventures work?

With family adventures, if you have an upcoming event you want to make more exciting – a party, get-together, or just an errand you need to bring the kids along for – you can create a customized scavenger hunt event. You select one of our video adventure guides, such as a secret agent, ninja, or princess, invite anyone you would like to join, and choose the places you want to go.

With competitive adventures you can create team building games, competitive events, or just a fun get-together broken down in up to five teams that compete against each other to see who can solve the clues, find the items, and complete the adventure first. You can create a customized event by selecting a video adventure guide like a drill sergeant or hiking guide, inviting your teams, and choosing your locations.

Can I invite other people and can they follow along?

Absolutely! For family adventures, it takes only a few seconds to invite friends and family to join. They can accept the invitation, download the app, and follow along on their own devices.

For competitive adventures, you can invite all your friends and select up to 4 other group leaders to race against each other to see who can get to the finish line first.

How many adventures are available

We currently have six family adventures: a secret agent trying to stop an art thief, a cowgirl working to round up her horses, a ninja on a secret mission to deliver a package, a princess hoping to bring happiness to her people, our own Safari Jake looking to uncover a priceless artifact, and a quarterback who needs help to win the big game.

Additionally, we have four competitive adventures: a triathlon trainer trying to whip you into shape, a drill sergeant who will turn you into real recruits whether you like it or not, a hiking guide who wants to get you out into the fresh air, and a workout instructor who loves to get in a good workout, but has a short fuse.

You can catch all our current adventure guides and see a preview in the app.

Where can I preview the adventures?

You can preview the adventures in the app. Simply click the “Create a New Adventure” button from the home screen and watch a preview of any adventure you want to see.

Live a Life of Adventure!

Sign up and enjoy adventures on us!

AweVenture signup gifts including updates, a discount, a guide, a book, and a Zombie Goals in game item