Adventures during the school year
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

Adventures During the School Year

Just because school has started up, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fantastic adventures with the kids. Here are some great ways to have adventures during the school year, even on school days.

Learn a Cuisine Night

One way to have an adventure, have a lot of fun, and learn something new is to have a night where you learn a new cuisine. Perhaps you want to try the cuisine of a different culture or simply try a different style of cooking. You can open up your world and the world of your children to something new.

You don’t have to limit it to just the food. You can sprinkle in little facts during dinner about the cuisine or the culture. You could have little placards on the table with facts or pictures. You could even make it more authentic, such as sitting on the floor crosslegged for a Japanese dish or eating with your hands for an Indian dish.

If you really want to immerse your kids in the experience, have them help prep the meal, cook, or look up interesting facts about the cuisine or culture. You might have so much fun, you make one night a week or one night a month “Learn a Cuisine Night”.

There are lots of ways to have adventures during the school year, including in your own backyard.

Learn About Nature

There is a lot of adventure wherever you may be, even at home. Often you can find it in your backyard or at your local park. There are several ways to approach a fun, backyard adventure.

You could prep ahead of time and learn the types of plants and trees and even grasses that grow in your yard and create signs, or you can have your kids look each one up based on distinctive features.

Or you can skip the learning all together and go creative! You can make up an adventure where you are in a strange new land and the the trees are giant creatures. The world is open to whatever you dream up.

You can have adventures during the school year in your backyard, or you can take it down the street through your neighborhood.

An Adventurous Walk

Just like in your backyard, there are all kinds of things to learn, mysteries to uncover, and creative adventures yet to be had all around you. Take a walk in your neighborhood and see what you can find.

Even if you live downtown, there are still buildings unrevealed, architecture unappreciated, and stories of spy networks and intrigue just waiting to be dreamed up.

You don’t have to wait until the school year is over to enjoy a family adventure. You can have adventures during the school year and make creative learning fun the whole year round.

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