make others green with envy
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Adventure that will Make Others Green with Envy

If you want to make others green with envy in a way you never expected, here are a few adventurous ways to make it happen.

Park It

Invite your friends to the park. Whether it’s green where you live or still covered in white, why not enjoy a good time or a fun party with friends and family? If it’s cold, you will warm up quickly with a few active games. If it’s warmer, enjoy a walk or a nice picnic lunch.

The world is as green as you make it when you make others green with envy.

Take a Hike

If you’re ready to see the majesty that greenery can provide no matter the time of year, take a hike. With evergreen-covered hills you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and experience a life adventure in many areas of the country. You can enjoy it by yourself or you can make others green with envy (or at least thrilled with all the greenery) when you invite them along.

And what a sight when you look out over a wide expanse from the top of a trail that reveals a sea of green.

Green Thumb

If you want to take it to a whole new level, why not get with neighbors and make a garden. It’s not too early to start. You can get together and plan what to plant. You can decide on a hothouse to build or a traditional garden. You can even start some plants indoors or maybe start an herb garden. You can begin to purchase seeds and tools.

You may not make others green with envy, but you might find your neighborhood full of green thumbs.

Glorious Green 

You don’t have to be smack dab in the middle of spring to enjoy some greenery. There are so many ways to find it, make it, and share it. You can make others green with envy or you can simply make your world green with possibilities. Now that’s an adventure!

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