adventure one more time
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Adventure One More Time

If you’ve ever had one adventure that really stood out to you, why not have that adventure one more time?

The Tried and True

We’ve all had that great experience – that amazing trip or fun adventure – that we’ve enjoyed remembering time and time again. It sticks in our minds and we think of it fondly over and over again.

Why not take that adventure one more time? There were obviously things about it that you loved and cherished, so why not do it again?

If you’re wanting to relive a fantastic adventure, here’s how to keep it amazing and fresh.

The Enhanced and New

Sometimes it’s great to just have the exact same adventure a second time. Often, however, it’s better to make some small changes to make each time unique.

If you want to take an adventure one more time, but you want to mix it up, here’s how you can tweak the particulars without changing the adventure:

  1. Find the irreplaceable: Ask yourself what it was about the adventure that was so great. What made it unique. Find the things that shouldn’t be changed.
  2. What could be improved: How could you improve the adventure? What could you do to make it either less of something that made it challenging or more of something that made it great?
  3. What could be changed: Sometimes it’s not about removing the bad or adding more good, but changing things to make it unique. For instance, maybe each time you relive an adventure you go to a different place to eat or use a different playlist with a different style of music. Or Maybe next time you can just talk like a pirate the whole time.

A great adventure deserves to be relived. If you have a great time, why not have that adventure again? It only takes a little bit to make every time unique.

Why not enjoy that adventure one more time?

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