adventure at your fingertips
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Adventure at Your Fingertips

If you’re looking for fun and excitement, you’re in luck: you have adventure at your fingertips!

Life Is Full of Adventure

Life is often full of hustle and bustle. There’s work to finish, chores to be done, and tasks to complete. It can often seem never ending.

But with every day comes the possibility of adventure. Whether it’s something small like turning a chore into an exciting race against the clock or something bigger like taking the family on an exciting vacation, we can enjoy adventures that come in all sizes. It’s up to us fo find them and take advantage of them.

We often feel we don’t have time for adventure, but we have to remember to take time. It’s your life; live it full of adventure.

That’s why I’ve created AweVenture so you can have adventure at your fingertips.

Your Own AweVenture

Every day brings new challenges and new possibilities. Sometimes it’s challenging to focus on the excitement a new day brings. Sometimes we get bogged down in the every day.

AweVenture is the app you take with you to provide inspiration through videos, articles, and daily challenges. It helps you focus on how you can add fun and excitement into your life.

What’s more, you can sign up for the free eBook 101 Adventure Ideas and Adventurous Things to Do full of a slew of exciting ideas for you, your friends, and your family.

I’ve provided all this adventure at your fingertips so you can enjoy new adventures everyday and even relive some exciting adventures from your past by enjoying an old adventure one more time.

And the great news is all of this is free! The app with the videos, articles, and challenges as well as the eBook. I want you to live a life full of fun, excitement, and adventure.

And I’ve even added a way to bring it up a notch.

Adventure at Your Fingertips

In the app, you can create your own video-guided, custom scavenger hunt adventure. You choose your guide, where you go, and who you bring along. It takes less time to set up than it takes to read this post. And you can enjoy an afternoon of adventure at your fingertips for less than you probably spent on that discount shirt that you swore would look good on you, but you never wore.

I want you to enjoy life and make the most of it. I hope you enjoy all the adventure at your fingertips with aweventure.com and the AweVenture app.

And I hope you find a fun afternoon of treasure hunting in your own custom adventure. Whether it’s helping a princess for your daughter’s birthday party or locating hidden treasures with your kids as you help me, Safari Jake, find a priceless artifact. I hope you find a way to make adventure an important part of your life.

It’s your life. You can fill it with adventure. I’d love to help. Let AweVenture be that resource you use to make life full of fun, excitement, and adventure. If you want a life full of fun and excitement, pick up the AweVenture app today and have a blast as you find where your adventure will take you.

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Live a Life of Adventure!

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