add some holiday cheer
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Add Some Holiday Cheer

There are so many ways to enjoy the holidays, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to make plans, setup, and throw together an event that will feel festive and bright. Don’t worry! It’s not that hard to add some holiday cheer. Here are a few quick ways to make it happen.

If you watched my most recent video about adding some holiday cheer, you will already have some great ideas on how to add some holiday cheer. In addition, here are a few more.

Make It Easy

The thing about holidays fun is that it can add a lot of stress and difficulty. The best way to make the holidays more festive is to make it easy.

Instead of trying to play giant activities, try some simple ones. Of course a puzzle is always easy, but there are other easy options too. You can also grab some pipe cleaners and have the kids make their own ornaments.

Don’t forget those popcorn stringers that people have done for ages. These are things that require very little setup and add some holiday cheer.

Make Group Activities

Another thing that will make the holidays brighter is to set up things to do together. Instead of making Christmas cookies by yourself, make a Christmas cookie assembly line where all the kids get to be involved.

You can make other great food-based fun. You can have people do their part to make a Christmas scene with cauliflower snow, broccoli trees, carrot logs and maybe some toy skaters. Everyone can pitch in and add their own creative touch.

Group activities can really add some holiday cheer.

Time Together

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about the activities or the food. It’s about spending time together with the people you care about. If you really want to add some holiday cheer, then keep this in mind first and foremost.

Whatever you do, have a great time and enjoy where your holiday adventure will take you.

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