add romance to your date with a scavenger hunt
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

Add Romance to Your Date with a Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing like a little romance to make the day seem brighter, the air seem crisper, and life seem fuller. Yet sometimes it’s challenging to find new ideas to make a date special and memorable. Here are three simple ways to add romance to your date with a scavenger hunt.

Something Memorable

So many dates are ho-hum. Other times you want to create the perfect date but just can’t figure out what to do to make it memorable. It’s times like this that you can add romance to your date with a scavenger hunt.

A scavenger hunt makes your date active. Instead of sitting the entire time in a theater, on a couch, or in a restaurant, have some fun going out and about.

A scavenger hunt also makes your date meaningful. Instead of just going somewhere to eat food or watch a screen, you can add a lot of personality into an adventure event. Simply try these three simple techniques.

Make it Meaningful

Sure you can go to a nice restaurant and have a meal, but wouldn’t it be more fun to go to a special overlook with memories that the two of you share? Instead of struggling to make conversation as you wait for a meal, you can enjoy watching your significant other solve clues that have a special meaning to the two of you.

You can choose special locations, special clues, and special treasures that make the scavenger hunt an event to remember.

Make it Memorable

Not only can you add romance to your date with a scavenger hunt and to make it meaningful; you can also make it memorable. How many dinner dates have you been on that you’ve forgotten? 

But how easy would it be to remember a date with clues that speak to special times the two of you have had or locations that the two of you have enjoyed together? It’s one thing to simply spend time together. It’s quite another to spend time you never want to end by enjoying time together that’s unforgettable.

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