a simple adventure
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

A Simple Adventure

This weekend enjoy a simple adventure. Here are some ideas.

Out of the Rut

Often we get stuck in a rut and keep doing the same things over and over even if we shouldn’t. With everything shutting down, we can often find ourselves settling into a wise routine of slowing down, only to stop completely.

There is a time for rest and reevaluation and there is a time to get back into the groove and get moving.

It’s time to get out of the rut. Here are a few simple ideas to do that and have a simple adventure.

Soak Up Some Sunshine

Get outside. That’s it. Just get outside. So often we have to make a big production out of everything, but sometimes the best things are simple.

Take a step outside and just soak up the sun. Take a coffee, tea, or glass of water and just soak and sip. Just a few minutes will do. It’s a simple adventure, but you will be amazed at how much it will change your perspective.

Back It Up

Another thing you can do is do whatever you normally do for an outdoor activity and do it backward. Do you normally walk through your neighborhood on a specific path? Simply go the other way around. Do you run trails in local woods? Run them backward.

If you want to find a simple adventure, it doesn’t take much. Just changing your view from front to back will give you a lot of vaguely familiar, but surprisingly new perspectives in your routine.

Just Sit Still

When was the last time you just sat still? Whether it was on the couch without the TV on or on the porch watching the sun set or even in the grass listening to the sounds of nature?

A simple adventure is often right within your head and in your senses. It doesn’t take much to enjoy it.

Take some time to just enjoy the world around you. Enjoy a simple adventure and find amazing things you never realized.

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