A possible message from Safari Jake
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

A Possible Message from Safari Jake

It’s been months since we heard from our intrepid adventure guide, but now we might have received a possible message from Safari Jake. And it may give us a clue to where he is.

An Unexpected Adventure

Several months ago, Safari Jake went out to social distance in his own adventurous way. He had a plan, some time, and the excitement that only comes from a good adventure.

But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. We lost contact with him some time ago and have been unable to discover exactly where his adventure went awry.

When we first shared his disappearance we were concerned, but we’ve since had some positive news. Now, we might have received a possible message from Safari Jake.

Now we only need to make sense of it if we hope to find him.

A Single Word

When we last found a clue, it was simply some shadows in an image that led us to believe he might have found others. Perhaps they can help each other find safety.

Since then we have received a possible message from Safari Jake. We can’t be sure it’s from him, but it was a message sent directly to our AweVenture guide relay tower. It was one simple word repeated over and over which gives us hope that Safari Jake is trying to tell us he’s still alive.

If this was him, he must have been on the run as he was only able to send the single word, but the word shows a lot of promise to let us know he’s still alive and kicking. Now we just have to find him. Our team has been able to narrow down where the message originated. Unfortunately it’s still a 5-mile radius of untamed jungle. What’s more, he still may be on the run.

We’re working on finding him. We’re just happy to receive such a positive message to show he’s still around: undead. What else could it mean?

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