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Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

A Party for Safari Jake with Lots of Prizes!

It’s official! We’re throwing a party for Safari Jake with lots of prizes! Here’s how you can sign up to get yours.

From Missing to Found!

If you’ve been following the complete craziness here at AweVenture for any time you know that things have been… well… crazy!

Last year our main guide, Safari Jake, went missing. After a slew of coded messages and clues we were able to locate him, only to find that he’d been trapped in… it just sounds crazy to say… another dimension – talk about the ultimate adventure!

Well, about a couple months ago we started receiving messages from someone claiming to be Safari Jake. As we began to unravel the mystery, we’ve been able to verify that it truly is Safari Jake and he has found a way to communicate with us from another world. It was such fantastic news!

He’s been working with a scientist over there who is helping him communicate over some kind of trans-dimensional gateway. Here’s the kicker: he’s going to be talking to us over video – well, sort of.

Anyway, we’re going to have a party for Safari Jake with lots of prizes that will be an event to remember! Now we just have to prepare… and you need to as well. Here’s why.

An Imperfect Situation

I’m not a science person so I don’t get all the technical jargon, but there’s something about the connection between our worlds that’s imperfect to say the least. There’s kind of fluctuations in energy or something that causes the feed between worlds to dissolve if it’s overloaded.

For that reason the scientists over there have been just sending text and manufactured image data until recently. They can now send animated images, but it’s not video. It’s evidently a special setup that will send a simulated version of what’s actually going on. I don’t understand it all, but I get the result: we won’t be able to see Safari Jake, just an avatar.

But still, there’s going to be a party for Safari Jake with lots of prizes when he sends his first video next Thursday! We’re so excited! It’s a huge event with prizes for everyone!

Stay informed and find out about special prizes by signing up to be an AweVenturer. It’s free and includes a special welcome gift: The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Adventure Guide. Don’t miss out! Sign up, get a gift, and enjoy the party!

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