a coded message from safari jake
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

A Coded Message from Safari Jake

We’re so excited! We’ve received a coded message from Safari Jake so we know he’s okay. Now we just have to figure out what it means.

Safari Jake Is Okay!

For months we’ve been unable to reach Safari Jake. He went out on an adventure and we lost track of him. We’ve received an image from him and a message we thought would be from him, but now we know: he’s okay. 

We know he’s okay because of a coded message from Safari Jake himself. The message is short, but it includes his call sign. What’s more, it looks like he might be bringing others.

A Coded Message from Safari Jake

The message we received was sent directly to our AweVenture guide relay tower, just like the last message. Unfortunately the last message was just a single word: undead. This gave us hope that he was telling us he was still alive.

But this latest message is more than a single word. And it includes his call sign so we know it’s from him! We’re ecstatic to know that he’s okay, or at least he’s still out there. Now we just need to figure out what he was trying to say.

Deciphering the Message

The thing is it’s not everyday we get a coded message from Safari Jake. In fact, it’s extremely rare. We usually communicate through more normal means – a simple call or text, radio, or a satellite phone if nothing else will do. The fact that he’s sending this through our relay tower… well that means something’s not right.

But we’re excited because we believe he’s coming, and he’s bringing others. At least that’s what it seems. He simply radioed in his call sign, two words, and a series of numbers. Now we just have to decipher the rest of message. Surely it’s great news.

The message simply says:

SJ – They’re Coming! – 102020

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