7 great treasure hunt questions
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

7 Great Treasure Hunt Questions

If you’re looking to have a great time with friends or family and are putting together a scavenger hunt, after you come up with your scavenger hunt list, you probably want to come up with some great treasure hunt questions.

Here are not only 7 great questions, but also the best ways to determine new ones.

Coming Up with Questions

There are a lot of great ways to have a scavenger hunt, where you take an event and make it a game. You can always find one online that you can tailor to your needs, use the AweVenture app to generate one in a couple minutes, or take the time to create your own adventure.

Whenever you create your own, it can be a challenge to come up with great treasure hunt questions to lead people to the next destination. I’ll give you 7 great questions you can use, but before I do, check out these three key things you will want to consider for your questions:

  • Know your Audience: When you are developing your own questions, it’s great to include hints that are specific to your friends or even include some inside jokes. This will make the scavenger hunt more personal.
  • Determine the Difficulty: Are you making the event for kids or for adults? Is it for sports nuts or math enthusiasts? Make sure you create questions that are appropriate for the age and particular puzzle-solving skills.
  • Follow a Theme: One of the best ways to make a scavenger hunt really feel engaging is to connect everything with a theme. You could have questions match the theme of the party or be a clue to the location or treasure.

If you follow these guidelines you can come up with some great questions of your own. If you’re looking for some that you can use for an upcoming adventure, here are 7 that you can use.

7 Great Treasure Hunt Questions

Here are 7 great treasure hunt questions you can not only use, but that you work with to fit your situation appropriately.

  • What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it? (A teapot)
  • What is full of holes yet full of water? (A sponge)
  • If you share me, you won’t have me. (Secret)
  • It’s always on the right side of good and it wholly surrounds the doomed. It’s twice as evident in the fair-minded and completely missing in the corrupt. What is it? (The letter D)
  • What’s broken every time it’s spoken? (Silence)
  • There are two doors guarded by two immortals. One door leads to life, the other to death. One immortal speaks only lies, the other only truth. Without knowing which is which, what one question do you ask? (What would the other immortal say the door to life is? Then take the opposite door.)
  • What occurs twice in a week, once in a year, but never in a day? (The letter E)

You can use these questions with other puzzles or by themselves. For instance, if you are going somewhere for tea or coffee, the teapot may be enough.

You could also have cards that people have to choose when they answer the question. One card might have a coffee cup on it and would lead to the local coffee shop. Another might have a watermelon on it and lead to the local ice cream shop that serves watermelon sorbet. The rules for the game could be to choose the card that most resembles the answer. If the answer was “Teapot”, the person would choose the Coffee because it’s closest to a Teapot.

The are all kinds of ways you can use great treasure hunt questions. Whatever you choose, have a blast as you find where your adventure will take you.

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