rainy day activities for adults
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

5 Rainy Day Activities for Adults

You’re trapped indoors and stuck without any idea what to do. Don’t worry! I have 5 rainy day activities for adults that will make your day brighter.

Check them out!

So Hard to Find Good Fun These Days

Life is often surprising. No matter what great plans we make there are often so many things that derail them. Being stuck inside can make it challenging to find fun things to do. After all, it’s not easy to find great things to do when your choices are limited.

Despite what life can throw our way, there are still a lot of interesting and exciting things we can do. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are 5 rainy day activities for adults for you to make the best of an unexpected situation. 

Find a Hidden Gem

Chances are you have a lot of games and puzzles in a closet somewhere. It seems every time we go into a game closet we ignore most of the options and just settle for one or two games.

Why not check out the other items that are there? There could be a fantastic puzzle you’ve never put together before, or a game you’ve never tried before. Now’s the time to give it a try.

Some of the best fun I’ve ever had is by playing a game I overlooked many times. It could very well be that one of the best rainy day activities for adults in your home was one that you had hidden all along.

Explore Some Crazy Reviews

Have you seen some of the crazy product reviews people put out there? Like the “Hutzler 571B Banana Slicer” where someone said “What can I say about the 571B Banana Slicer that hasn’t already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone?” Or the review on the book “How to Avoid Huge Ships” that said “I read this book before going on vacation and I couldn’t find my cruise liner in the port. Vacation ruined.”

For an epic read, be sure to check out the reviews of Haribo’s Sugar Free Gummi Bears.

Why not make some of your own crazy reviews? Have fun with it. Just be sure to leave reviews that will have a positive impact on the product you are reviewing. A crazy review can add some positive attention to a product, but a negative one – well, that’s just not adventurous at all.

Random Compliments of Kindness

In the same way that an unexpected smile can brighten someone’s day, a random encouragement can do the same. It’s nice to know that people appreciate us and hearing that on occasion can make a huge difference in our day.

Why not message someone just to tell them how amazing they are and how much they mean to you? You may be surprised at how much people need to hear it. It may seem like the quickest of all rainy day activities for adults, but it might have the most lasting effects.

Learn Something Random

Has there ever been a country you wanted to visit or a state you were curious about? Did you ever wonder what makes a platypus so intriguing or how many representatives are in Congress?

Now is the perfect time to find out, and there are a couple ways you can do this.

First, you can create a list of things that you’ve always been curious about. Just spend 5 to 10 minutes coming up with ideas. Then you can sit down on your tablet or phone and check each item out.

Or you can go for a deep dive. Pick one place or thing that you really want to know more about and just start searching. If you can, throw it up on the TV as you search and make it a learning bonanza. Of all the rainy day activities for adults that exist, this might be the one that really sucks you in.

Write Like the Wind!

Do you have a lot of ideas rolling around in your head that you want to share? This might be the perfect time to start a blog. It’s easy. You can find places to blog for free like WordPress and Blogger.  You can also make your blog personalized with your own url (bobissuchagreatwriter.com) for just pennies a day.

Share your love of travel. Rate local restaurants. Give your thoughts on how to improve the world. Write about the random thing you just learned. And if you can’t think of something to write about, sign up for my free eBook with over 100 adventure ideas! There are a ton of things to do that people will find interesting.

More Ideas!

I hope you’ve found these ideas valuable, but before you go, be sure to check out my article What to Do When You’re Stuck Inside. I’ve collected all the ideas from years of research and sharing to give you a wide variety of articles and videos so that you have tons of things you can do when you’re stuck inside.

You may be stuck inside, but these rainy day activities for adults should help you make the most of it.

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