fun things to do with kids at home
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

5 Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home

Kids are only kids once. Coming up with new ways to give them fun things to do can be a challenge, but creating memories that last makes it all worthwhile. Make those memories with these 5 fun things to do with kids at home and fill your day with laughter and smiles.

Make Believe

The first of the 5 fun things to do with kids at home is an adventure that’s great to do with kids. Instead of simply playing an existing board game, make one up. Start it from scratch.

Maybe you make a board game where you take a piece of poster board and draw squares to move around. Perhaps you make up rules for a new game you play with regular playing cards. Maybe you make up a game that doesn’t have a board or cards – like charades.

It will be fun to play the game, but it can be just as fun to make the game. If you want more ideas, check out my video Make Games an Adventure.

Whistle While You Work

When you think of fun things to do with kids at home, you don’t usually think of work, but work doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, you should strive for work that excites and energizes you. Even if you have a great job and love most of your chores, there are times you simply have to do things that aren’t the most thrilling.

If you find yourself doing a task that seems boring or unpleasant, why not make it a game? Sure there are all kinds of adventures available to us, but some of the best adventures are discovering how to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. There are any number of ways to make work into a game. If you need ideas, check out our video Make Work an Adventure.

Wild and Crazy Fun

When you’re looking for fun things to do with kids at home sometimes the best adventures lie in the absurd. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to have some fun, go for the bizarre.

When we go to the store and pick out a fun game to play, we often look at the ones that are the most expected. We pick up the games we know or look for games that look familiar. What if instead we looked for the games that seemed the most outlandish? In fact you could make a whole night of it.

Pick up some snacks that seem out of the ordinary (being careful of course to get something that won’t cause any dietary problems). Get some crazy drinking glasses or clean up some old mason jars. Maybe even have a snack bowl filled with fruit loops instead of chips. Find fun ways to turn an ordinary game night into crazy fun.

And… Action!

If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids at home, why not try to one up each other with crazy videos? You can make it simple by hiding an object in the background the other has to find, or you can bring it up a notch by finding an amazing mountain view and sharing it or a new location in your city that the other person has to locate.

There are so many ways to use videos for fun, adventure, and something out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for more movie madness, sign up for my free eBook and check out the Hooray for Hollywood section.

Game Night!

What’s an easy way to have a new experience with the family or with friends? Game night! Have a night dedicated to playing games. You can have a different person choose the game each night. You can bring in a new game once a month, or just make up your own.

You can take it to the next level by ditching the table and bringing it into the living room. Put a puzzle together. Play a game of Twister. Play a game with the Xbox Kinect. There are all kinds of ways to make game night into an active experience. 

Enjoy Your Adventure

Whichever option you choose of these 5 fun things to do with kids at home, you can have a blast. Give one a try or make up your own and find where your adventure will take you.

Also, be sure to check out my ideas for fun things to do with family at home, and 3 fun things to do outside for kids.

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